Policy Council

Dr. Lenore T. Ealy, PhD | Executive Director, Philadelphia Society | Alabama

Mr. Trent England, Esq | Executive Vice President, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs | Oklahoma

Hon. Phil English | Member, U.S. House of Representatives (1995-2009) | Pennsylvania

Dr. Gary L. Gregg II | Director, McConnell Center | University of Louisville | Kentucky

Mr. Robert Hathorne | Retired Business Owner & Civic Leader | Arizona

Mr. Will Haun, Esq. | Attorney, Becket Fund | Washington, DC

Mr. Michael C. Maibach, MA | Director, Center for the Electoral College | Managing Director, James Wilson Institute | Virginia

Hon. David M. McIntosh | President, The Club For Growth | Member, US House of
Representatives (1995–2001) | Washington, DC

Mr. John Malcom, Esq. | Vice President, Institute of Constitutional Government | Heritage Foundation | Washington, DC

Mr. Al Meluskey | Business Owner & Civic Leader | Arizona

Mr. Robert G. Natelson, Esq. | Senior Fellow, Independence Institute | Colorado

David A. Norcross, Esq. | Attorney-at-Law (retired) | Virginia

Mr. Shawn Parnell | Principal, Parnell Consulting | Virginia

Ms. Julie Silverbrook, Esq. | Executive Director, ConSource | Washington, D.C.

Hon. Hans von Spakovsky, Esq. | Federal Elections Commissioner (2008-2010) | Senior Legal Fellow, Meese Center for Legal & Judicial Studies | Heritage Foundation | Washington, D.C.

Dr. John W. York, PhD | Policy Analyst, Simon Center for Principles & Policy | Heritage Foundation | Washington, D.C.